The Black Student Union led a march for social justice in February 2020.

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

九州娱乐官网致力于培养更强的公平和包容的文化 on campus and in the community.

What is Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion?

Diversity is a human asset. It signifies that any significant difference that distinguishes 人与人之间的差异被认为是一种值得珍惜和包容的人类品质 在社会动态中,而不是被认为是人际交往的障碍 and comprehension. Embracing diversity often means a shift in values and mindsets.

如果社会关系不公平,只有少数个体,那么多样化是不够的 can be successful. The desire of and the effective increasing of diversity is the first step in the quest for social justice. Increasing diversity of underrepresented or marginalized groups in an ethical imperative. Once diversity has been increased, inclusion and integration come to play. Inclusion means to provide individuals with a sense of belonging that might surpass the individuals’ own group identities. A culture of inclusion strengthens the individual’s attachment to a larger community. Once included, 每个人都需要感觉到他们成功的机会和其他人一样平等. 公平的文化保证人们能够获得必要的资源 to their own success and to the success of their multiple communities.

Diversity Statement

我们,学生,教职员工,以及华盛顿的访客和理事们 大学,欢迎,邀请,重视和支持个人的多元化社区. We strive to create a place where all can study, work, and thrive. We believe in the 所有种族、民族、国籍的人的价值、尊严和安全, 性别认同和/或表达、性取向、社会经济地位、 文化背景,认知或身体能力,情感和行为特征, ages, and educational levels. In the pursuit of academic excellence, we endeavor to 成为一个由不同背景、不同观点的人组成的社区, 生活经历,宗教,哲学和政治信仰,生活方式,以及 ideologies.

我们承诺创造一个相互尊重和支持的环境,促进合作、共情、 以及在九州娱乐官网成员之间建立有意义的关系. 我们致力于建立一个更加公平、包容和积极参与的社区 all the complexity that each person brings to campus.

  • 我们将授权所有成员贡献想法,提出问题,质疑假设, and revise points of view through civil debate.
  • 我们将面对并挑战通过偏见态度使他人非人化的企图, 排斥、贬低或排斥任何个人或群体的行为和做法.
  • 我们将鼓励校友、家长、访客、客人和更广泛的社会尊重 and embrace the values and behaviors that we embody.

我们的承诺是培养一个持续的愿望和能力,理解和有意义地 接触不同的观点和经验,包括历史上的 underrepresented and marginalized groups. We seek to contribute to the full intellectual 和每个人的情感发展,丰富我们的地方,区域, national, and global communities.

Programs and Initiatives


Jada at Museum for African American History and culture

Chesapeake Heartland Project

切萨皮克心脏地带是国家非裔美国人博物馆的合作项目 历史和文化,九州娱乐官网,以及一系列当地组织,包括 Sumner Hall, Kent Cultural Alliance, and Kent County Public Library. Its mission is 保存、数字化、解释和提供与非洲有关的材料 American history and culture in Kent County.

Slave Sale

Slavery and Freedom at Washington College

自2018年春季以来,历史学教授卡罗尔·威尔逊(Carol Wilson)带领本科生团队 调查九州娱乐官网与奴隶制的关系,分享故事 与该制度有关的奴隶主以及被奴役的人 and free blacks working on campus.


Afro-Cuban Dance

Intercultural Ambassadors

跨文化大使(IAs)是来自不同背景的学生代表 different cultural and life experiences. IAs represent identities that include: first-generation 学生,LGBT群体,国际学生,有色人种学生,有信仰的学生 校园里的无信仰行为,性别,残疾学生,非传统学生, and students from low socioeconomic backgrounds. The Ambassadors serve as liaisons 通过提供支持这些项目的规划和拓展机会来帮助办公室 具体的社区创造一个更好的理解不同的文化体验. 国际助理开发每月办公室通讯,市场活动,管理社交媒体 accounts.



 Celebrations - Black Heritage Month and LatinX Heritage Month


每年九月的拉丁传统月的目标是为学生和我们的校园 体验西班牙文化的美丽和复杂,并希望 对美国的西班牙语文化及其遗产有了更多的了解The LatinX Heritage Month 2019 featured Dr. Paul Ortiz (U of FLorida) and activist Josie Valadez Freire.

在2月份的黑人历史月,我们表彰那些经常被忽视的成就 of Black Americans in every area of endeavor throughout U.S. History. Black History Month 2020 included a day of service on Martin Luther King, Jr.'s Day, the African-American “读一读”马丁·路德·金“读一读”种族平等培训,作者大卫·布莱特的演讲,还有 the MSG Blues Trio concert, among many other events.

书院成员与社区伙伴携手庆祝 Legacy Day and Community Unity Day.


The Washington College History Project

九州娱乐官网历史项目以诚实和直率为目标 审查该机构令人不安的种族主义历史遗产,并迫切需要 为了消除种族不公正,我们需要承认并调和这段历史 in the present moment.  This project, launched during the summer of 2020 by the President 学院的宗旨是为我们的校园和社会带来变革 in our campus culture in response to this historical legacy.


Center for the Study of Black Culture

该中心位于凯西学术中心,为学院社区提供服务 通过文化、教育和社会活动,独特地阐明了特定的 experiences of African Americans.

 The Center seeks to preserve and promote African American culture through:

  • 发展创新方法,为学生提供社会活动 of Washington College
  • 鼓励高中生对上学院或大学的兴趣
  • 提供一个反映黑人观点、价值观和文化的物理空间 students and people
  • 为所有黑人学生提供文化、智力和情感上的支持 the larger Black community
  • 支持和挑战对以文化为中心的领导力感兴趣的学生, 并成为学院提供多元文化教育的重要组成部分 for the greater Chestertown community.